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Feb 1, 2021 - Mar 1, 2021

30 Day Herb Challenge

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Are you an herbal newbie? A seasoned practitioner? A family or village herbalist? A medicine maker? A hobby gardener? An herb nerd? Then our 30 Day Ultimate Herb Challenge is just for you! Each week, you will learn a new herbal term, explore a new herbal ally, and learn a new medicine making skill. Discover how to infuse oils, honey, vinegar, create balms and ointments, lotions, soaps, serum, toothpaste, oxymels, ciders, tinctures, basic plant identification, poultices, first aid essentials, syrups, spa and pampering recipes, and more! You will also explore how to include your new plant tools into your daily routine by participating in the weekly challenges. Each box will contain an herbal product kit, with full instructions and hard to find herbs. Sign up each month or gift someone with 3, 6, or 12 months of herbal learning. How it works: 1. Sign up for the 30-day challenge by Jan. 23rd, 2021 2. Receive your herbal kit in the mail 3. Participate in the weekly challenges using the herbs, tools, and instructions in your kit 4. Share your creations with our online community 5. Earn points & prizes for completed projects Each Challenge kit includes: ✔️4-5 Organic Herbs (.5 - 1 oz of each herb) ✔️Beautiful Herbal Monographs ✔️Weekly activities with simple step-by-step instructions ✔️Glass storage containers, dropper bottles, and/or mason jars ✔️Labels ✔️Downloadable & Printable resources ✔️And more!

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Jatarah Thiam
Jatarah Thiam


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